Created with dedication, love and a passion to make skincare more than just a routine, every product by Nature’s Rhapsody is created to give you a lavish experience.

Skincare is about treating oneself to the pleasures of nature’s essentials and taking the time off to experience delight in your own skin. Nature’s Rhapsody is one step towards skincare becoming an immersive experience engulfing all your senses.

Our Story

As an international cabin crew, Farheen spent thousands of hours in the cold and dry conditions of an aircraft. Couple that with the very varied climates experienced in destinations thousands of miles apart. Constant lip and skin hydration was absolutely essential in that environment. Finding the right product that met her needs of being affordable, fragrant and nourishing was always a challenge.

Farheen knew something had to change. Her skincare was more than standard procedure - the products she used on her lips and skin must give her delight. After all, these products should appeal to all one’s senses, shouldn’t they?

Thus, began her quest to make enticing skincare products that captivate all your senses! She put her everything into the research and development and created a lip-balm that amalgamated the nourishing and revitalising characteristics of her all-natural ingredients with heavenly fragrance and a delectable appearance. She sold her handmade lip balms to her friends and knew she had a winner when kids loved it too!

Partnering with a manufacturer who believed in the same ideals as her, they created a range of natural, vibrant and fun products that will make your skincare a divine experience.

Brand Philosophy

Nature’s Rhapsody is an ode crafted specially for you and your skin.

We believe that skincare must be a delightfully intimate experience where one can celebrate one’s skin fully. Our nourishing and antioxidant products come in heavenly fragrances and fun flavours that will feel like nature’s celebration on your skin.

We believe in research, quality and wholesome care. Our products are made with carefully chosen ingredients with inherent vitamins, nutrients and moisture that soothe and revitalise your skin and lips.

We believe in promoting a sustainable lifestyle and strive to create green, eco-friendly elements as our top-priority at Nature’s Rhapsody.

Brand Promise

We promise to provide a range of unique and natural skincare products that will allure all your senses with its wonderful scents and textures.

Stepping beyond the trends, Nature’s Rhapsody believes in giving back. We  promise to go green with our process and seek ways to use more natural ingredients, emulsifiers and eco-friendly formulas that cause no harm to the environment.