Goodbye Tired Skin! The Perfect Treatment for Tired Skin

Winter is here. With it comes dry, undernourished and dehydrated skin woes. We've all had a case with dull skin at some point in our lives. Is your skin dull or do you have a case of cracks? If your skin appears dull, you may be wondering what's causing it.  However, if you frequently wake up with dull skin, you may be asking what you can do to enhance your complexion. How you can get your original supple skin back!  In this blog, we shall discuss ways to transform your winter woes into a healthy, vivid glow.

We all are very busy and have a lot of important work waiting to be looked at, yes, we know. But, taking some time out for skincare is very important. You probably already have heard multiple dermatologists insist that you take a few minutes every day to pamper your skin and engage in a skincare regimen. Neglecting to do so can have a negative impact on the appearance, health and feel of your skin. If you've recently noticed your skin appearing dull and tired, it's time to start adopting a more consistent skincare regimen with chemical-free body scrubs and butters. 

Natural Body Scrubs - Nature's Rhapsody

The good news is... From online body scrubs to spf protection- We have devised a step by step plan to rejuvenate your skin! 

Step 1 -
Cleanse your skin 

Washing your face twice a day is vital for removing dirt and product buildup on the skin. However, avoid strong cleansers, which can deplete your skin's natural oils, leaving it dull and dry. Instead, you need a gentle face wash that will remove pollutants without drying out your skin.

Step 2 -
Exfoliating eliminates dead skin and grime accumulation, as well as unclogging pores, exposing glowing skin underneath. It also aids in the penetration of lotions and potions into the skin, allowing them to work their magic and produce superior results. That is why it is critical to exfoliate your face 1-2 times each week. Not just any natural body scrubs will suffice. What you need is a  that removes dead skin cells while simultaneously brightening your complexion, such as the Lush Body Scrub by Nature’s Rhapsody. It's made with natural ingredients like sugar, shea butter and water lily that exfoliate deeply to remove blackheads, tan, dead skin, debris, and pollutants, giving you an immediate glow and luster. Furthermore, the vitamins E and B3 in it keep the skin hydrated. But body scrub online with Nature's Rhapsody! 

Step 3 -

Never forget a good moisturizer! We understand if you're concerned that applying a moisturiser would make your skin even oilier. Instead of skipping this step completely, use a lightweight product like Enriching Body Butter by Nature’s Rhapsody that will nourish your skin without leaving it feeling sticky. It contains coconut extracts, olive oil and other natural ingredients that nourish your skin without any chemical side effects. 

STEP 4 -
Use Sunscreen diligently 

Let's look at it this way. You can follow all of the above procedures and take excellent care of your skin, but if you don't use sunscreen (whether indoors or outside), you're back to square one! So, after moisturizing and before wearing makeup, spread a liberal quantity on your face and neck.