Everything you need to know about Jojoba Oil

It wasn't long ago that "oil" was considered a terrible word in the skincare business, something to be removed from your skin rather than reapplied. But, as Bob Dylan put it, "things are a-changing." If you go down any skin care (or haircare) aisle, you'll find not just a variety of oil-based products, but also a plethora of natural oils being advertised.

One such popular oil that is all the rage nowadays is Jojoba Oil. The jojoba plant is a tough, perennial shrub native to North America. It not only thrives in extreme desert settings that would kill most living things, but it also produces a nut with several medicinal benefits. The nut of the jojoba plant may be converted into oil. Jojoba oil is mild enough to be used as a carrier oil for combining essential oils. It can also be used on its own.

Many people include jojoba oil in their skin care routine. And there are compelling reasons for this. There is a substantial body of research supporting the use of pure jojoba oil as a treatment for acne, dry skin, and a variety of other skin disorders.

Natural Lip Scrubs with Jojoba Oil

Apple and Cinnamon Lip Scrub

Apple and Cinnamon Lip Scrub - Nature's Rhapsody


Green Tea & Mint Lip Scrub

Green Tea & Mint Lip Scrub - Nature's Rhapsody


Passion Fruit & Peach Lip Scrub

Passion Fruit & Peach Lip Scrub - Nature's Rhapsody


Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub - Nature’s Rhapsody

It’s Moisturizing

Jojoba oil functions as a humectant. It implies that it helps to maintain moisture in the skin by forming a protective barrier on top of it. This not only maintains the skin hydrated, supple, and moisturised, but it also protects against bacterial infection and acne by reducing bacteria accumulation in the pores.

Jojoba oil is used in face cleansers because of its ability to retain moisture. Use Kama Ayurveda's Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser to efficiently cleanse pollutants and remove makeup while retaining your skin's natural hydration. It contains Jojoba oil, which softens and rejuvenates skin, reduces fine wrinkles, and improves skin suppleness.

Natural Cleanser

Most of you have probably heard about oil cleaning. The concept is to utilise oils instead of soaps or other harsh chemical-laden face washes to cleanse the face and eliminate dirt and filth from the skin. Jojoba oil may be used to gently wash the skin without dragging or pulling. Simply wipe your face with a gentle towel and warm water. Then, using clean hands, apply a few drops of jojoba oil to your face. That's all! Your key to clear and clean skin.

Rich in Antibacterial Properties

Jojoba oil has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics that destroy germs that cause infections. It reduces the growth of germs on the skin by producing a protective barrier, hence avoiding acne and other bacterial infections.

Rich in antioxidant properties

When applied to the skin, vitamin E serves as an antioxidant, as we all know. Vitamin E is found in jojoba oil. This means that this magical oil can protect your skin from the stress generated by daily exposure to toxins and other contaminants.

Great makeup remover

As previously stated, jojoba oil may be utilized as a natural cleaner. Aside from its numerous advantages, jojoba oil is also a great makeup remover. Simply apply a few drops of jojoba oil on a cotton pad and wipe away your makeup. You'll be shocked at how quickly the makeup comes off and how smoothly it slides along with the cotton.

Jojoba oil is extensively used in many women's cosmetic products, however the advantages of this oil are not gender specific. As previously said, Jojoba oil is helpful for managing acne and outbreaks. It regulates sebum production in your sebaceous glands since it resembles the skin's natural sebum. It avoids greasy skin and pore blockage. It effectively deceives the skin into assuming that it has generated enough oil, causing the skin to produce less oil.